Do the products have a Warranty?

All products sold in Dolapçıyiz are under the warranty of RMZ Office for a period of two years.

Are second-hand items sold?

All products sold in Dolapçıyiz are delivered directly to our customers from manufacturing, we do not sell second-hand products in any way.

What material are your products made of?

All products sold in Dolapçıyiz are manufactured from 1st Class Eregli DKP sheet metal. Our products are not stainless, so avoid contact with water.

Are the products exactly the same as in the picture?

All products sold on exactly match the product images.

How can I order?

After adding the products to the cart, you can complete your order by going directly to the payment page, and you can also place an order via the Whatsapp order line. If you are going to order in large quantities, you can get our best price offer with the help of the get offer button.

Can I order without being a member?

You can place an order on by filling in the required information on the order page without logging in as a member.


What payment options are there?

You can make the payment directly to our bank account by bank transfer/EFT by writing your order number in the description section of your payment.

You can make a secure payment with a debit or credit card, as well as benefit from the payment option via iyzico.

Is there a cash on delivery option?

There is no option to pay at the door for the sales we make through

When will my cargo come?

The delivery period is 7 (seven) days from the sending of the Order confirmation e-mail and the establishment of the contract, or from the date of the transfer for the orders made by money order payment method. This period may be extended by a maximum of 10 (ten) days, provided that the Buyer is notified in writing or through a continuous data carrier.

What should I pay attention to when receiving my cargo?

At the time of delivery, the product must be checked and in case of damaged package; Damaged packages should not be received and a report should be made to the Cargo Company official. If the Cargo Company representative thinks that the package is not damaged, the buyer has the right to open the package and have the products checked that the products were delivered undamaged and to request that the situation be determined with a report.

After the package is received by the Buyer, it is accepted that the Cargo Company has fully fulfilled its duty. If the package is not accepted and a report is kept, the situation should be reported to the Seller Customer Service as soon as possible with the copy of the report remaining in the Buyer.

What are the return conditions?

If a report is kept after the control during the cargo delivery, if the product is faulty, we perform the return process, if a new product is requested, we send a new product.